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Insurance Services

Insurance Services

Insurance is integral to ensuring and protecting financial stability for your business, family and estate. At Accountable Inc. Wealth & Asset Management, we offer the full range of insurance products and services for individuals and businesses. Our clients are provided with sound expertise in structuring custom designed insurance solutions. We are also experts at providing creative funding options for larger policies which can help reduce your costs.

Below are more details on the various insurance products and services we offer:

Life Insurance

Accountable Inc. Wealth & Asset Management delivers custom corporate and personal life insurance solutions for clients. Plans are tailored to client’s specific situations and are backed by Canada’s leading insurance companies. We offer Term, Whole Life and Universal Life plans, as well Group Benefits plans for employees.

Disability Insurance

Accountable Inc. Wealth & Asset Management provides personalized and professional planning and advice to help you select the right type of disability plan to ensure you have the income you need in the event of sickness or injury. Did you know that your biggest asset is to earn an income? We offer specialized expertise in navigating the complex world of underwriting to ensure you receive top quality disability insurance.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance provides tax-free money to support people and their families affected by a serious illness such as cancer or a heart attack. Accountable Inc. Wealth & Asset Management will discuss the best critical illness options for you and guide you through to making the best decision.

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance offers pivotal protection and the means to preserve the value of your business in the event of the death of a key business stakeholder. At Accountable Inc. Wealth & Asset Management, we will educate and advise you on obtaining robust coverage.

Buy / Sell Insurance

Businesses need to ensure that shareholders are protected from the financial risks associated with the loss of an owner. In addition, surviving shareholders need to make sure that funds are immediately available to buy out the shares of their deceased partner(s). Insurance provides this important protection. To meet your Buy/Sell Insurance needs, Accountable Inc. Wealth & Asset Management offers expert technical knowledge and a network of professional resources, such as tax lawyer specialists, who will provide a comprehensive review of your Buy/Sell Agreement to ensure it is tax efficiently funded.

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